FerroCement Yachts:Marine Survey Scope



Ferro-cement vessels are constructed using an internal steel “armature” which usually cannot be inspected as it should be totally buried in the cement skin. Hence the normal FerroCement Yacht Hull Survey consists of a very careful visual inspection for signs of rust, cracking or swelling on the external and interior hull surfaces.  Generally FerroCement Yachts are above 36 ft LOA due to the heavy displacement of “concrete” hulls.

The survey will consist of an external visual inspection of the following parts of the vessel.

1.       Hull exterior (Incl.  F.C casting, coatings, stern-gear, rudder & hangings, Keel(s) through-hull fittings, topsides)

2.       Hull interior (all accessible F.C. skin and reinforcements) Sea-cocks & associated pipe-work.

3.       Deck and associated structures.

4.       Deck hardware and fittings.

5.       Ground tackle and warpage.

6.       Machinery and associated systems (Incl. cooling, exhaust, electrical, starting, fuel, inboard/outboard drive line)

7.       Bilge pumps and associated plumbing.

8.       Domestic tankage and plumbing.

9.       Domestic electrical system (Low voltage).

10.     Navigation and pilotage equipment.

11.     Spars and standing rigging (up to 2m if stepped – see notes).

12.     Sails, covers and running rigging. (see notes)

13.     Gas installation. (see notes)

14.     Fire prevention and fighting equipment. (see notes)

15.     Engines will be observed running during the survey (as an additional free service) only if appropriate prior arrangements have been made. (See attached sheets).

Please note,  the survey would not include any opening up (other than removal of normally portable hatch-covers), dismantling of components, NDT, or running tests. (see No.13 above).  The vessel should be prepared as per our information sheets, prior to the agreed time of arrival of the surveyor.

Recommendations will be included in our report and should any further dismantling/inspection be deemed necessary, this will also be advised.


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