Achilles840 Marine Survey

Pre-purchase Marine survey by

Pictures of an Achilles 840 surveyed prior to purchase and marine insurance.


A well designed and built boat from the early 1980’s –  Achilles yachts have accomplished some seriously long voyages over the years. This local example had not been used afloat for a while and had acquired a few “extras” by way of  on-board kit. Most of the recommendations were for simple updating of time-expired safety equipment  and items such as the saildrive seals which should be inspected at least annually with a vessel of this age.  The underwater hull was coated with a form of tar coating which appeared to have been doing a good job of protection. Moisture readings were taken from topsides and bottom; however, these readings were very similar, indicating that little moisture had been absorbed below the waterline.




Nice to have a co-operative and helpful client  present to help shift the sails and sailbags. Makes life a lot easier for the surveyor.

(this one made a great “cuppa” as well…)


The kind of fore-hatch to keep firmly closed and locked at sea, because of its aft hinge


Shroud point  “servings”  need unwinding to see what’s going on inside…


That could be exciting if it wasn’t so obvious……                   The warp wasn’t attached to the boat either……..


A well equipped cruising boat with lots of string stowed in all sorts of interesting places……


Telephoto lenses sometimes provide a little insight as to mast condition, but spars are best unshipped for the survey;

Most surveyors will exclude commenting on anything higher than 2 metres off the deck.


The current owner must have been expecting  a surveyor to happen along, to judge by that instruction over the doorway!


An unstrapped battery can be a significant hazard under certain conditions.

My thoughts are that one should assume that the boat may one day get inverted, in which case you dont want a battery in your lap….


Small digital cameras on the end of a double-articulated fore-arm come in handy for seeing the more inaccessible bits



There didn’t appear to be an above-waterline loop in this heads outlet hose, nor a syphon-break -however that was difficult to confirm without some dismantling.. ….          Lots and lotsa string though…..

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