Marine Survey-Scope


FULL CONDITION SURVEY – For purchase, valuation and Insurance

This is the most comprehensive type of survey and encompasses all aspects of the yacht or boat, subject to specific client requirements and our standard terms and conditions.

We will carry out a detailed inspection of the boat as per our  previously agreed scope of work. We then consider our findings and then present our client with a report which explains the condition of the vessel, highlighting any faults, how they can be rectified  and a timescale on which they should be addressed. If the survey is carried out prior to buying a boat the results of the survey may alter her perceived value and therefore the survey report will be an important factor in the purchase negotiations. Very often a price reduction is negotiated which more than covers the cost of the survey.


In order to carry out a complete examination, the vessel must be prepared as below.  

These preparations are the responsibility of the Client commissioning the survey.

 1. Ideally, the vessel should be ashore either chocked off or in a cradle.   However,  if time/cost is a significant factor, arrangements may be made for the vessel to be held  in slings, whilst the bottom of the hull is inspected and for the boat to be returned to the   water for the remainder of the survey. If machinery operating tests are required, this is a convenient way to accomplish them. It should be noted that timber vessels cannot be  effectively surveyed whilst held in slings and should always be chocked-off/dried out.

2.  Where the hull/topsides are more than 3 metres from ground or keel level, adequate and  safe staging or gantries must be provided as deemed necessary, at client’s expense.

 3. The hull exterior must be clean and free from loose paint, scale, rust or marine growth.

 4. For preference, masts of sailing vessels should be un-stepped and the spars and standing-rigging laid out for inspection. This is not always practicable, in which case    the mast and rigging can only be inspected visually for a height of two metres above deck.

 5. Anchors, warps and chain should be accessible, or preferably, ranged for inspection on deck. (Visible external wear and damage and suitability for purpose only)

 6. All sail bags/sails should be removed from the vessel and laid out on a covered, clean,  floor space, if a full inspection of these is required.

 7.  If a full inspection of the hull interior structure is required, all hatches, interior linings, moveable furniture, cabin-sole etc. should be opened up / moved aside , prior to survey.

 8.   All machinery to be inspected must be fully accessible.

 9.  Running/operating tests will only be carried out if specifically requested prior to survey. If running/operating tests are required, the vessel must have fully charged batteries on board.       An additional charge may be made for this service, in addition to basic survey fees.

10.  Keel bolts should be drawn prior to survey, if inspection of these is required.


Making-good of any removals, dismantling and disturbance caused by the preparation described above and by the Surveyor during the course of his inspection is the responsibility of the Client commissioning the survey.

We recommended that arrangements be made with the owner, or the yard carrying out the lift-out and re-launch, to carry out this work.

Unprepared Vessels

If on arrival at the vessel, preparations as above have not been completed, the Surveyor reserves the right to defer the work until a proper survey can be carried out. Alternatively,

the Surveyor may, at his/her discretion, carry out such preparation work as is within his/her power, for which an hourly rate will be charged in addition to the survey fees. Should it be impossible to carry out the survey for the above reasons, our Surveyors reserve the right to charge for abortive visits   However, all or any of the charges mentioned above may be waived at the Surveyor’s discretion. 10.2.2011

Marine Survey – Preparation

Below is a short video showing the teamwork involved in a Marine Survey. The inside of the yacht had been surveyed whilst she was afloat and the machinery run-up. The vessel has now been lifted out and washed, prior to being chocked off securely for the external hull and deck inspection.

 Video coming soon…….

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