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Survey Horrors


Why you should always prepare properly for a Yacht Survey  –

and that includes unstepping the mast, before and not after, the survey!


The standing rigging on this boat had been “tuned”  prior to survey and the kink  (L/h pic)  was therefore not  apparent when the mast was viewed from below.


                                                                             This mast was delivered on a brand-new boat and was only later found  to be “kinky” ……


Why yachts should always be securely chocked off or placed in a cradle with an adequate footprint!

Some years ago a bright shiny-new marina on the UK south coast employed a number of  inexperienced new staff to chock up the yachts –

This is what happened…..  (no not the storm of 87 either).  More than twenty yachts were blown over  – ranging from 25ft loa to 60ft loa. It is likely that some of the damage to these boats would not have been immediately apparent, hence the need for a full damage survey after such an incident.



How not to park after a cross-channel race !!


An expensive navigational error – however the end-result could have been used as a garage for a Mini perhaps??  History does not relate what happened to this yacht but I personally would not like to find myself inadvertently the proud owner of the vessel a few years later.

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