British Ship Registry Part 1-Measurement

British Ship Registry Part 1

Tonnage Measurement

Under section 19(4) and 19(5) Part II of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 the Secretary of State (via the Maritime and Coastguard Agency) has authorised the RYA to appoint measurers to undertake tonnage measurements of vessels in accordance with Part III of the Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations 1997. Only those measurers whose names are included in the current schedule of RYA Tonnage Measurers are so appointed by the RYA and afforded the authority as stated.

Kathleen J Kilbey I.Eng MRINA is an RYA  Appointed Tonnage Measurer .


Why Register your Yacht on Part 1 of the British Shipping Registry?

Registration on part ! of the British Ship registry enttles you to the following:

  • Helps prove title to your yacht
  • Allows you to register a Marine Mortgage
  • Provides internationally acceptable documentation when visiting foreign ports
  • Entitles the vessel to the services of British Consuls and the protection of the Royal Navy on the high seas.
  • Can enhance the  value and saleability of your yacht by proving a chain of ownership – especially valuable in the case of Classic Yachts (Provenance).
  • Provides proof of build-date in respect of the EU Recreational Craft Directive.
  • Vessel can be owned by a British Registered Company. (Essential for commercial/charter use).
  • Protects your vessel’s unique registered name on Part 1 of the British Ship registry
  • Vessels can be registered in British Overseas Territories – I.O.M, Channel-Islands, British Virgin Islands, etc.

Who may register a British Ship under Part 1  ?

The following persons / organisations are eligable to register a British Ship 8under Part 1 of the Merchant Shipping Act.

  • A British citizen
  • A British Registered Company
  • A British dependent Territories Citizen
  • A British Overseas Citizen
  • A british Subject under the British nationality Act 1981(a)

Registration is valid for five years and if it is not renewed within one year of expirey a new measurement certificate may be required by the MCA.

Full details are available on the MCA site – CLICK HERE       For details of current costs  –  email us;