Motor Boat Surveys on Power Boats

Kathleen is a qualified Marine Diesel Engineer as well as a Marine Surveyor and she has been involved with large diesel power units both on land and at sea during most of her marine surveying career. She has had a fascination for anything that moves, floats or rotates, by means of petrol, diesel, sail or steam ever since she was a small child in a rural community in Sussex.  Consequently, as  Naval Architect and Marine Surveyer “Kathleen J Kilbey” she has surveyed a large number of Motor Yachts commercial vessels and Power Boats, alongside  Surveying of many Sailing Vessels.

A few of the more interesting Motor Boats surveyed over the years by KJK are listed and pictured below. As with the  sailboats, many of the pictures are pre-digital, consequently the definition is not always perfect.  To enlarge the pictures, right click on each image and click “open in new window” on the drop-down menu exposed. When finished with the picture close the pop-up window by clicking the X at the top right corner.

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